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School to Resume on Monday

We are looking forward to welcoming your children back on Monday.  We know that this has been a trying time for many in our community.  If there is some way can help your family or your children cope with the events of the last two weeks, please let us know.  

New Make-Up Picture Day

Due to the school closure, we have rescheduled the Make-Up Picture day for next Thursday, October 26. Any students or staff who were not photographed on the original school picture day will have the chance to have their picture taken. This will include the 8th grade class (group and individual pictures), since they were on a field trip for the first picture day.  

If you would like to have your child's picture taken again because you were not satisfied with the first picture, you will also have that opportunity on make-up day.  These students must either have prepaid their re-shoot fee online prior to photo day or come to camera with $10 fee. 

Mirtha Miller Writing Celebration

Start your children thinking about what they would like to write and draw about this coming week in our annual  Mirtha Miller writing celebration.  Students will be encouraged to write an essay as well as illustrate it with their own original artwork. We are looking into options for publishing these essays and using the sale of the books to benefit fire victims.  Writing and art can also be a therapeutic way for children to process this historic trauma that has so heavily impacted our broader community.
When:             Wednesday, October 25 at 10:00 (time is flexible)
Where:                        In regular classrooms
What:              Students write about experiences from the Napa and Sonoma County fires
Types of Writing
·      A story describing an experience that happened to the student
·      A story about someone familiar to the student (family member, friend, etc.)
·      A story that recounts a news story or something from recent events
·      An essay describing what they have learned through their recent experience
Expectations for Writing Time
This is at the discretion of the teacher, but all students should be given the opportunity to write for the same amount of time. The recommended time is between 15-60 minutes, depending on grade level.
Expectations for Writing Length
Writing length will vary greatly by age and ability. For the sake of the judges, students should write no more than two pages.
Expectations for Art work and illustrations
Art work will be done separately from the writing experience, but will most likely be included in the published books.

Fundraiser for Redwood Adventist Academy

As many of you know, our sister school in Santa Rosa, Redwood Adventist Academy, was lost in the recent fires.  We are actively looking for ways to help. We are currently working on a plan for a benefit concert or talent show in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

If you would personally like to donate to Redwood Adventist Academy, you can do so here:

Or you can donate supplies from this list:

Flood Relief Fundraiser - Update

Our flood relief fundraiser has been completed. Thanks to our school family's generosity, we were able to raise over $700 for the Kilbride family. This will help them recover from severe damage to their home after Hurricane Harvey.

Parent Volunteer Opportunity - Band Supervision

We are still looking for a few parent volunteers who could come for the final 40 minutes of the school day on Mondays and Wednesdays in the month of October to help supervise sectional band practice groups for the upper grade band.  This does not require musical or teaching expertise, although these would be a bonus.  Our band teacher would like to have students work in smaller groups to perfect their playing skills and learn some of the more challenging music for our Christmas music program.  Please let the school office know if you could devote some time in October on Mondays, Wednesdays, or both, to strengthen our music program.

Principal’s Message
The Napa/Sonoma fires of October 2017 have made a mark in history for their extremity of speed and destructiveness.  Living so close to this disaster has given us all a scare, and a reason to review and reassess our priorities.   I have heard many affirming that they are happy to have their life and health.  It seems that all the PUCE families have also been relieved to report that their homes and belongings were not lost to the inferno. With so many around us, this was not the case, they have come back from evacuations to find a smoldering pile of ashes to show for a life’s investment into making a home. Just thinking about the level of loss gives one pause to ask the question “What are the things most worth saving or preserving when destruction looms near?”  People, pets, pictures, and priority papers were the things suggested in tweets, blogs, and texts aimed at those facing evacuation.  In moments like these we are all forced to prioritize what things are of utmost value to us.  I hope you will make time to talk with your children about your priorities and the process you use to identify them.

Lunch Menu
Week of oct 2-5

Monday: Enchurritos
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Hero Sandwich
Thursday: Ravioli