Physical Education

Students enjoy structured physical education classes as well as creative free play in the wonderfully varied recreation environments our campus has to offer, including the Pacific Union College pool, shaded playground structures, open field, paved play area, natural creek, and school gymnasium. Our school participates in the Presidential Physical Fitness challenge, and awards students for achieving and maintaining fitness.

PUCE also offers after school sports programs throughout the year, depending on grade level and seasons. Many of our students also participate in local races, including a 5K trail run and a mini-triathlon for kids. 


  • Swimming 
  • Floor hockey
  • Volleyball (upper grades)
  • Games, such as tag (lower grades)
  • Kickball


  • Basketball
  • Basic gymnastics and tumbling
  • Juggling and other eye-hand coordination skills
  • Kickball


  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming