For more than 100 years, Pacific Union College Elementary School has provided quality, Christian education to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our diverse curriculum features a strong focus on core subjects, integrated with art, music, sports, culture, and Christian values.




Education Expo March 22

The Education Expo is coming next Thursday, March 22. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for potluck at 5:30 PM. Due to rain in the forecast, we will plan to have the potluck in the gym this year. If your last name begins with A-M, please bring an entrée and a salad.  If your last name begins with N-Z, please bring an entrée and a dessert.

Classroom presentations will start at 6:30 PM. Invite your friends to come see what PUCE has to offer!

Please be aware that this will be a minimum day with school dismissing at 12 noon. Hot lunch will not be available. If your children will be staying at Extended Care for the afternoon, please send them with a lunch.

Pre-Registration for Color Run

Pre-registration for the Color Run is now available!  Registration and sponsorship forms have been sent home with students. Extra forms are available in the school office, or you may call in your pre-registration information. Online registration and donation options can be found here:
The entrance fee will be $25 for either the Blush Run (1 mile) or the Brilliant Run (3 miles). You may pay the registration fee yourself or put the first $25 of sponsorship funds toward it.

Sponsorship incentives are as follows:
$25 - Entrance Fee
$50 - Popsicle Friday
$100 - Ice Cream Feed
$200 - Bowling
$400 - Rebounder
$600 - Waterslides
Highest sponsorship amount - Pastors Mark and Wendy Witas will take the student and a friend to a baseball game.

The Color Run will be held at the PUC track on April 15. Registration/sign-in will start at 9:30 AM. The run will begin at 10 AM.  Food booths will be open until noon.

April 9-13, we will lead up to the Color Run with Color Week. Each day students may dress in a theme color for the day. Watch for further details.

Marriage Seminar at St. Helena Church

This weekend, March 16-17 the St. Helena Seventh-day Adventist Church will be hosting a FREE Marriage Seminar, "You Are Worth It." We have the rare opportunity to sponsor Dr. Pierre Steenberg, PhD, DMin, for Friday evening and Saturday, all day. This ongoing research on human self-worth and interpersonal relationships is a life’s work of Steenberg, author of several books on parenting and marriage. Childcare will be provided during the seminar hours. Visit, email, or leave a message at (707) 963-4461 for more information.

Prepare Now Seminar at Calistoga Church

On March 17 and 18, Craig and Nancy Meissner will present "Prepare Now!  Practical Sustainable Living Seminars" at Calistoga SDA Church. Sabbath afternoon after fellowship dinner and Sunday from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.  The Sabbath morning and afternoon topics, “Preparation or Presumption” and “Ready or Not” lay the spiritual foundation for balanced preparedness. The practical Sunday seminars will feature multiple sessions on topics such as “Adding Sustainable to Preparedness,” “Gardening and Canning Tips and Tools,” “Independent Water Systems,” “Heating with Wood––Safely!” and “Solar Made Simple.”  Learn how to be self-sustaining when support systems temporarily fail.

Principal's Corner
Winning back lost friends

The principles outlined in Matthew 18 have deeply shaped my approach to conflict resolution. By defining conflicts as offenses that have taken place between individuals, resulting in a broken trust, the goal of resolving conflicts is to rebuild a relationship and win back trust and friendship. It is a process that takes courage and hard work, time and people willing to talk, maybe even some tears, but when it is successful, a valued relationship is preserved and restored. When I get a student in my office who has done something wrong, we begin to explore how that student’s words or actions have damaged valuable relationships, and what will need to be done to repair those broken trusts. Although it can be somewhat abstract, most kids get it, and are willing to do the hard work of taking responsibility for their actions and choices and cleaning up what they have broken. Just as in Matt. 18, it is not always successful, but the principles, the processes, and the ultimate goals remain my gold standard for conflict resolution.

Lunch Menu
Week of mar 19-22

Monday: Burritos
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Big Franks
Thursday: Half Day