For more than 100 years, Pacific Union College Elementary School has provided quality, Christian education to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our diverse curriculum features a strong focus on core subjects, integrated with art, music, sports, culture, and Christian values.




Make Up Photo Day

Next Wednesday, October 11, is Make Up Photo Day.  Any students or staff who were not photographed on the original school picture day will have the chance to have their picture taken.  This will include the 8th grade class (group and individual pictures), since they were on a field trip for the first picture day.  

If you would like to have your child's picture taken again because you were not satisfied with the first picture, you will also have that opportunity on make-up day.  These students must either have prepaid their re-shoot fee online prior to photo day or come to camera with $10 fee. 

Ordering School Pictures

Have you ordered your school pictures yet? The early order pricing and free shipping expire Tuesday, October 10! Visit @MugsyClicks to view your pictures. You may also go to to register or log in to your account.  Add this year's pictures by using your child's access code. The school office has a list of access codes for each child. You may also request your access code here:

Soapbox Derby Update

Thank you so much for all of your help in order to make this year's derby a success!  There is a lot that goes into this derby prior to, behind the scenes, front lines - during, and after.  I am truly grateful for each of you and the roles in which you played a significant part of making the derby come to fruition..... students selling raffle tickets, parents, teachers & staff, spouses of staff volunteering in many capacities, sponsors, guest judges, college students volunteers, and visiting participants jumping in to help out.   I would love to list those individuals by name or job, however, someone is always inadvertently missed.  Please know that I appreciate each of you and that what you have done to help has not gone unnoticed. 

This year we will be saying goodbye to some families whose last of their tribe will be graduating 8th grade.  They have helped in preparing for and running specific booths: Claire Spencer - Prize Booth, Amanda Granados - Registration & Timing, Hernan Granados - Coordinating Judges, and Tom & Desiree Altemus - Mexican Corn.  Please be sure to thank them for all their hard-work over the years in helping with each derby. 

 We have a few of this year's shirts left. Please purchase through the office.  $15 We also have derby shirt shopping bags and vintage derby shirts available for $5.  Terrific Christmas stocking stuffers. :)

Update - So far with the Raffle Ticket Sales and the Soapbox Derby Day Event we have grossed just over $11,000.  We are continuing to receive sponsorships and will update you as soon as possible.  Also be looking for next year's themes.

Flood Relief Fundraiser

Last week's newsletter featured a biography of the Kilbride family, who we are supporting with our flood relief donations.  If you have not yet donated, there is still time!  We are extending our fundraiser through October 9.

Parent Volunteer Opportunity - Band Supervision

We are looking for a few parent volunteers who could come for the final 40 minutes of the school day on Mondays and Wednesdays in the month of October to help supervise sectional band practice groups for the upper grade band.  This does not require musical or teaching expertise, although these would be a bonus.  Our band teacher would like to have students work in smaller groups to perfect their playing skills and learn some of the more challenging music for our Christmas music program.  Please let the school office know if you could devote some time in October on Mondays, Wednesdays, or both, to strengthen our music program.

Lower Grades to Perform for Children's Church

The next PUC Children's Church will be held on October 28.  The second, third, and fourth graders will be performing a few strings pieces.  This is not a mandatory performance, but we would love to have students perform if they are available that day.

Calendar Updates

You should have received an updated PUCE calendar in your email earlier this week.  There are a few changes to the calendar that you should note:

  • The Christmas concert has been scheduled for December 13 at 6:30 PM.
  • Christmas Break has been extended through January 2.
  • Education Expo (Open House) has been moved to March 22.
  • The retreat scheduled for April 15-17 has been cancelled - school in session.
  • A mid-quarter break has been added on April 30.

If you did not receive a the new calendar or you would like a printed version, please contact the school office.

Angwin to Angwish

The Angwin to Angwish trail run is coming up Sunday, October 15.  The 4K fun run is a terrific family event!  Register at

Super Sabbath School at PUC Church

Super Sabbath School and Potluck Breakfast for all children and their families Sabbath, October 7, in the PUC Church Fireside Room.  Potluck from 9:30-10:00 am.  The church will provide biscuits and gravy (vegetarian); please bring juice, fruit, or other breakfast food to share.  Song service and program from 10:00-10:30 am.  Children will be dismissed to their regular classes at 10:30 am.

Principal’s Message - Partnership Perspectives and Perceptions

Parents are in partnership with the school in the raising of their children.  For a partnership to work most effectively it is essential that the partners get to know one another and establish means of communicating their different perspectives and perceptions. For parents, this means getting to know a new teacher each year or two.  For teachers, it means getting to know 15-20 new sets of parents each year with each new class.
Besides the back-to-school night, the ways teachers can get to know parents is through shared events like field trips or the derby, or if parents make a point of participating in class activities, or specifically seek private meeting times with the teacher.  Teachers value and appreciate when parents come directly to them to share insights and aspirations about their child.
How do parents get to know the teacher?  Again, it is often through the shared events. Unfortunately many parents form an opinion about teachers from what other parents say. When the rumors and inferences are predominantly negative, it can sully a teacher’s character unfairly.  If a student has a difficult time adjusting to a new teacher, they may bring home reports of only their worst perspectives of the teacher and the classroom, this can also unfairly color a parent’s perception of the teacher.  
My advice to parents is to not believe all you hear from other parents or from your children, especially if it is of a complaining nature.  I urge parents to seek opportunities to observe and participate with the teacher in the context of the classroom, playground, or field trip, to see the kind of teaching and guidance that a teacher is applying before making a negative judgement.
In a week or two we will be asking parents to respond to a survey in which they can give direct and personal feedback to their student’s teacher.  We are seeking honest and constructive input on specific things you have personally observed about the teacher, both negative and positive, in a spirit of partnership.  Our goal as teachers is to improve in our part of this child-raising partnership.  In thinking about this, our teachers have asked if you, as parents, would be interested in hearing constructive feedback from your child’s teacher. Let us know if you would be open to such.

Lunch Menu
Week of oct 2-5

Monday: Tostadas
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Hero Sandwich
Thursday: Ravioli