For more than 100 years, Pacific Union College Elementary School has provided quality, Christian education to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our diverse curriculum features a strong focus on core subjects, integrated with art, music, sports, culture, and Christian values.




Upcoming Performances

In addition to the upcoming events listed above, please mark your calendars for these important dates:

March 9 - PUCE will be presenting the worship service at St. Helena SDA Church
March 21 - Education Expo. Each class will have its own presentation.
May 23 - PUCE Spring Concert

PUCE Family Vespers

We will be having Family Vespers this Friday at 6:30 PM in the previous 5th grade room. Come enjoy a time of worship with the PUCE family!

Reindeer Run Sponsorships

Please remember to collect and turn in your Turkey Trot/Reindeer Run sponsorships. We would like to have them all collected by tomorrow, Friday, January 11.

Corndogs Available - January 11

Corndog sale at the College Market on Friday, Jan 11, from 12 to 4.  Cost is $5 for 2.  Vegan option available if you email by Thursday night at  Thanks for your continued support!

Kindergarten Popcorn Sale - January 18

Next Friday, January 18, the kindergarten class will be selling popcorn after school in the main lobby. Cost will be $1 per bag. Proceeds go toward the kindergarten class fund.

Principal's Corner

With our newly defined goal of producing students who are equipped to think critically and solve problems, we have started looking at where in our curriculum this is taking place. The obvious places are math and science, where there are problems to solve and thinking processes to learn and practice. Social studies and Bible are other subjects which can lend themselves to using deep thinking and problem solving skills when taught with these goals in mind. Even subjects like music and PE can incorporate individual and group problem-solving games that require critical thinking and teamwork. English language arts has many opportunities for deep and thoughtful reading, careful and thorough researching, and structured writing that uses the language to solve problems and achieve specific goals. In the coming months we will be identifying specific assignments and learning tasks that best equip our students with critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Lunch Menu
Week of Jan 14-17

Monday - enchurritos
Tuesday - Pizza
Wednesday - soup & Grilled Cheese
Thursday - spaghetti