For more than 100 years, Pacific Union College Elementary School has provided quality, Christian education to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our diverse curriculum features a strong focus on core subjects, integrated with art, music, sports, culture, and Christian values.




Community Cleanup Project

Tomorrow morning, PUCE students will be participating in a community cleanup project.  A team of college students will make a presentation about the importance of recycling and being environmentally-conscious. Afterward, students will disperse to several areas of the PUCE and college campus to pick up trash and clean up our surroundings.  Students will return and be ready to go home at the usual time.

Clean-up Zones by Class
8th - Nielsen Court, area around the track, and track parking lot.
7th - Behind our gym and sidewalk up to Discoveryland along road.  
5th and 6th -parking lots behind PUC dorms and trail between Grainger and the Airport
3rd and 4th - trail from our playground to o the Andre dorm parking lot.  
2nd - PUCE playing field, Neilsen Ct. cul-du-sac and sidewalk up to La Jota
1st - all around the school and parking lots and playground area closest to school
KG -  blacktop, garden, upper playground by gym and gym parking lot.
10:30  Lockdown drill practice
10:40 Clear to playground (with coats) for presentation on recycling
10:50 Disperse with gloves and trash bags to do clean-up
Return to classrooms when assigned zones are picked clean (times may vary)

PUC Church Potluck This Sabbath

PUC Church invites everyone to a fellowship lunch/potluck in the Fireside Room following the church service this Sabbath, February 17.  This will be an Italian-themed meal so please bring Italian-style dishes (vegetarian)––salads, entrées, bread, or side dishes.  Visitors welcome!

Presidents' Day - No School Monday

Just a reminder that there will be no school on Monday due to Presidents' Day. Enjoy your weekend! 

Missoula Children's Theatre - April 9 - 14

April 9 to 14, PUCE will partner with Missoula Children's Theatre, the nations largest touring children's theater, to present Robin Hood. This program offers students a wonderful opportunity to perform in a professional production and broaden their horizons by participating in a fun, collaborative program. Auditions and practices will be held after school during the week, with performances on April 13 and 14.

Principal's Corner
Always Learning and Growing

We aim to inspire our students to become lifelong learners. Our teachers model lifelong learning at its best. Each teacher is involved in pursuing a professional growth plan each year. This can be learning about a particular learning difficulty affecting one or more of their students, or perfecting their knowledge and skill in a particular instructional strategy. They also submit to periodic evaluations which can include recommendations of things they can do to improve their effectiveness as teachers. Although it can be challenging, we are committed to a culture where learning and growing is a daily part of what we do.

Lunch Menu
Week of Feb 19-23

Monday: No school
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Asian Entree
Thursday: Pasta